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Welcome to SHP



Welcome to Sacred Heart Preschool. Supported by the best practices in preschool education, SHP offers a holistic foundation for lifelong learning. During the preschool years, children have the greatest capacity and excitement for learning, and the Sacred Heart Preschool approach fosters and nurtures this natural curiosity.

As a fully-accredited Montessori program and candidate for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), our fundamental approach is focused on IB’s dynamic cycle of inquiry, action and reflection. Our curriculum is student-centered and promotes each student’s social, emotional, academic, spiritual and physical growth. Children are empowered to explore their curiosities with a strong emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, cooperative group work and social responsibility.  

In addition to these principles of IB PYP learning, the Montessori Method focuses on child-directed learning in which each student grows at his or her own pace and is provided with opportunities to experience freedom and overcome challenges.

I encourage you to visit our beautiful 48-acre campus and capture our 21st century learning environments in action. At Sacred Heart Preschool, we look forward to inspiring a lifetime love of learning in your child as we prepare each for success in preschool, kindergarten and beyond!

Lisa Houghlin,
Director, Sacred Heart Preschool