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Montessori Program



The Montessori Method is based on child-directed learning. Each child grows at his or her own pace and is provided with opportunities to experience freedom and overcome challenges. Maria Montessori emphasized respect for the child and environment through self-directed learning that utilizes all the senses. The Montessori classroom environment is specifically prepared for hands-on exploration, allowing preschoolers to forge their own learning paths.

In a Montessori classroom, independent activity and individual lesson plans constitute the majority of a child’s daily work. This encourages social interaction, peer teaching and emotional development. Montessori learning materials are bright, solid geometric forms, knobbed puzzles, colored beads and various shaped rods and blocks. Many of the materials are self-correcting and promote sensorial development.

Montessori classrooms are mixed-age group environments for students age 3-5. Younger students experience the inspiration and guidance of older students and older students become leaders by helping the younger children.

Our curriculum includes Montessori math, language arts, science, history and geography with an emphasis on practical life and sensorial learning. We offer regular enrichment in visual arts, music, movement and body mindfulness (including yoga) and the integration of classroom technology, including interactive SMART boards.

Montessori teachers have a Montessori certificate. Many have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education in addition to the Montessori certificate and continuing education is required of all faculty.